Ramshar Introduction

The new city of Ramsar has been formed in Sistan and Baluchestan province at the suggestion of Sistan Regional Design Studies (approved by the Supreme Council of Urban and Architecture of Iran). This new city is located 2 kilometers from Zabul city on Zabul road to Zahedan.

The new plan for the new city of Ramshar has been approved by the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture of Iran in year 6. In choosing the name of the new city of Ramshar, what reflects the identity of this land is taken into account

Not far from the new city’s land, Ramrud long ago forms magnificent cities like Ramsharstan. By changing the direction of the Hirmand River and drying out of the Ramrood, the petition of city dwellers is twisting until it is buried under the sand in the fourth century AH. In the memory of Ramsarestan, the name of Ramsar has been chosen for the new.

Location and location of the new city of Ramsar has been selected in accordance with the following principles and principles:

– Physical problems of the cities of Sistan area; – Avoidance of the natural problems of Sistan plain due to the problem of flooding and discharge of surface water and municipal wastewater; – proximity to the burnt historic district and social acceptance of the place of residence;

Two of the major goals of the new city of Ramsar are the following two main goals:

A. Population Settlement and Migration Reduction;

B- Employment according to the performance level of an industry and service.