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Instant notification The bid review of the two-stage bidding for A1 and its suburbs in Tis New Town was changed from 06/06/16 to 30/09/98. Project Description: Operation and Preparation of A1 Neighborhood and its Environments in the New Town of Tis, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Konarak City

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Meeting in Hamoun City Governorate with the New Ramshar Civil Society Director and Blessing Foundation Representative

According to Public Relations of the City of Jadid Ramshar, a meeting was held in Hamun city governorate with the participation of the company's CEO and a representative of the Blessing Foundation focused on supporting artists in the field of crafts.

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Ashura pilgrimage to the mosque of al-Nabi in the city of New Ramshar

According to the public relations of Nadir Shahr Civil Engineering Company, Ashura pilgrimage was held at the mosque of al-Nabi in the city of Nadir with a large number of staff and citizens.

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